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Our process


1 Delay

You experience a delay, cancellation or maybe an overbooked flight.

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When your flight is delayed, cancelled or overbooked you oftentimes have the right to financial compensation. However; it can be difficult to claim it. Laws must be read, the cause has to be analysed and airlines can be challenging to communicate with. That is why RefundFlight exists. We simply relieve you of this problem and we solve it for you. We investigate your rights and enforce it with the airline.

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2 Submit claim

Submit your claim via our website.

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You simply submit a claim using our online form. start by pressing the green “start my claim” button. Follow the steps and answer a few questions. Thats all you need to do, and now you have one less problem to worry about.


3 Evaluation

We analyse your rights and cause of delay.

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The first thing we do is review your case and what caused the delay. If it was due to an extraordinary circumstance you may not be eligible for compensation.


4 Enforcing your rights

RefundFlight enforces your righst and contacts the responsible party.

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While you spend your time doing something more pleasant, we contact the responsible party and enforce your rights. This step is the most time consuming, and can take up towards 4 months. However, we always work as fast as humanly possible, not to drag it out any further.


5 Pay day

When we receive compensation you are notified and we send it to the bank account of your choice with a deduction of 25%.

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When we’re finished with your claim, we transfer your compensation directly to your specified bank account minus our fee of 25%.

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