Get up to 600€ compensation for delayed flights

Have you experienced a flight delay?

You may be entitled to 600€ per person in compensation. RefundFlight handles these types of complaints using a process that is fast, easy and secure.

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This is how it works


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Quickly report your delay on our website. It only takes 3 minutes.


We’ll take it from here

Your delay is analysed and handled by one of our experts.


Pay day

Your compensation is transferred to your account, after a fee reduction of only 25%.

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We only charge a fee (25%) if you receive compensation. If not, our service is free.

No Win, No Fee

When am I entitled to compensation?


The delay must be at least 3 hours long. If you were rebooked this may affect the amount.


The amount of compensation depends on the distance between departing and arrival airport. Which means it is irrelevant how much you paid for your ticket.


The incident must have occurred within the EU. However, flights entering the EU are also eligible if the airline is registered in an EU country.


What was the source of the delay? Some causes are outside of the airlines control, like heavy fog. Whereas a technical problem is usually within the airlines control.

How much am I entitled to?


0 - 1500 km

For example
Berlin - Amsterdam


1500 - 3500 km

For example
Stockholm - Paris


3500 km +

For example
London - New York

Estimate your compensation

Why RefundFlight?

Claiming compensation is often a long, tough and difficult process. Laws must be read, the cause has to be analysed and airlines can be challenging to communicate with.

That is why RefundFlight exists. We simply relieve you of this problem and we solve it for you. We investigate your rights and enforce it with the airline. If you should be awarded compensation, we charge a 25% commission. If not, our work is free. Compare your alternatives below.


  • 25% commission if successful
  • Risk free
  • Increased chance of success
  • We cover legal costs
  • Only a few minutes of your time

Do it yourself

  • Free
  • Time consuming
  • Lower chance to succeed
  • Legal provisions & court cases
  • Alone against big companies

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